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Represents codyt project's workflow. In codyt project the workflow is based on three step

Translation step

Revision step

Approval step






If empty, then translation is not part of the workflow.

// Summary:

// A single user must be allocated to a work item task (translation, revision

// and approval). The user who allocates must have proper rights for it.

SingleUser = 0,


// Summary:

// Any user can pick up a work item and put his name on it to reserve exclusive

// work. The user can remove his name if he wants to release item for other

// people. SingleUserSelfService = 1,


// Summary:

// Multiple users can work at the same time. The work item is then simply not

// allocated to a specific person.

MultiUser = 2,


The non compressible lead time for a translation task in hours. Can be 0.


If set, the number of words that can be translated per day (8 hours).


Revision task details. See translation related properties above.


Approval task details. See translation related properties above.

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