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A price list is defined for a supplier company and the master company. A company can have zero, one or more price lists. Each price list is uniquely identified by an ID number.


<PriceListCode>String content</PriceListCode>
<Currency>String content</Currency>
<ReductionFuzzy_>String content</ReductionFuzzy_>
<ReductionPretransExact>String content</ReductionPretransExact>
<ReductionPretransFuzzy>String content</ReductionPretransFuzzy>
<Comments>String content</Comments>




The unique id.


Company to which this price list belongs. The company then supplies services based on that price list. Note: Clients do not have price lists. Instead the master company does define them and then applies them to clients.


The price list name. The default price list of a company has no name. All other price lists have a name.


The ISO currency code.


Optional. The conversion rate with respect to prices in the default price list.


Optional. Reduction to apply with respect to prices of the default price list.


Optional. The fuzzy match intervals together with price reductions. If not set, then no discounts are given on fuzzy matches. The contents is a comma separated list of fuzzy level and reduction couples.

Example: 100,40;95,10;

Meaning: 100% matches: 40% reduction; 95% to 99% matches: 10% reduction.


Optional. If set, then contains the discount given on exact pre-translations (i.e. pre-translations done from 100% matches). If not set, then the same reduction as for 100% matches given in ReductionFuzzy_ applies.

Note: ReductionPretransExact and ReductionPretransFuzzy are either both set or both not set.


Optional. If set, then contains the discount given on fuzzy pre-translations (i.e. pre-translations done from <100% matches). If not set, then the same reduction as for the corresponding fuzzy interval given in ReductionFuzzy_ applies.


Internal comments


The decimal places to use when renndering or calculating amounts.

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