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It is up to you to decide whether you prefer JSON or XML formatting of data. Simply specify this option when connecting.

For XML we recommend Internet Explorer for your tests. For JSON then we recommend Google Chrome. IE is not capable of displaying JSON results.

Please remember that API PUT methods cannot be run from within a browser.

Error handling

In the case of errors such as encountered with invalid parameters or an unauthorized access, the service method will return a standard HTTP error code together with a text message. This text message typically is not displayed when executing API methods in a browser.

The status codes used by the API are:

HTTP Status Code



OK. Operation succeeded.


Bad request. Used when the method was not called with correct parameters. Check error message for details.


Unauthorized. An attempt was made to first connect to the API with an invalid password or IP address. Also occurs if the API is not activated for your Wordbee Translator.


Forbidden. An attempt was made to access the API with an invalid or expired token.


Not found. Occurs when you request information for a specific object but this object does not exist. E.g. requesting project details for a deleted project.


Internal server error. An unspecified error occurred. Contact Wordbee for assistance.

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