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Auto-complete pick lists

The “Auto-complete pick list” custom field is ideal for pick lists with hundreds or thousands of options a user can choose from.


The powerful features are:

  • Able to handle hundreds even thousands of options. Other pick lists are only capable of handling hundreds of options.

  • Shows the options that match a text typed by a user. This allows for extremely efficient selection that users will appreciate it.

  • Allows to include meta-information with the options. Define the information that shall be shown to the user. This could be a short description or anything you deem important to visualize.

  • Retrieve or update options using the API.

  • Client order forms: Copy the meta information of the selected option to order or project custom fields. This is a very advanced use case. Please contact support for more help or have a look at the order form configuration (Settings > New order forms).

Use a different type of pick list in these cases:

  • The number of pick list options is small (less than 100).

  • I need to edit options from the user interface. I cannot use the API.

  • I really do not need that meta-information feature explained above.

Configure custom field

Go to Settings > Custom fields. Then choose the object to which to add the custom field, such as Project, Order, Person, etc.

Finally, click the Add link and chose the field type as shown below:

Configure list of options

To download the current list of options use:

To upload a list of options (with their metadata) use:

To pull items matching a prefix (e.g. for display in a combo control):

Can I configure options from the user interface?

No, this is not possible at this time.

You will need to use the API as explained above.

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