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Use this method to export segments to an Open Office Calc file (.ods). You can export projects, jobs, resources and even multiple resources and apply a wide range of filters.


(POST) /api/resources/segments/io/ods


The message body contains a JSON object.

Generic export properties:


The scope object tells the system what data to export. Examples:

Export a project memory, translation memory or term base by specifying its resource ID:

{ "type": "DocumentSet", "dsid": 157 }

Export a project memory by specifying its project ID:

{ "type": "Project", "projectid": 7726 }

See all available scopes here.




The list of all locales that you want to export.

"locales": [ "de-DE", "de-AT", "fr-FR" ]
Mandatory, string[]

An optional filter to apply to the exported data. Sample use cases are:

  • Exclude any translations in red status
  • Export translations with certain custom fields only
  • etc.

The query properties and features are described here. Example of exporting texts in neutral (0) or green (1) status thus excluding red status (2):

"query": {
    "languages": [
       { "loc": ["en", "de", "fr"], "status": { 0, 1 } }


The query has 2 functions: On the one hand it filters the segments and on the other hand it removes any translations that do not match the filter.

In the example above, the query first identifies segments where at least one of the 3 languages is not in red status. In a second step, the system removes any languages that are in red status.




The source locale. It is highly recommended to set this value if you know it. Otherwise, the system chooses the first entry in locales.

Optional, string


Optional number of languages a segment must have at a minimum to be exported. By default this is 1.

  • 1: Includes monolingual (untranslated) segments
  • 2: The segment must have at least 2 language versions
  • ...

Optional, int

Optional, default is false. If true then translations are removed from the export if the text is identical to the source text.

Optional, bool

Optional. List of numeric comments categories. If set then only comments of these categories are included in the export.

Categories are sequentially numbered and start at 0.

Optional, int[]

markupRemoveOptional, default is false. If true then markup is removed from texts. See also property below.Optional, bool

Optional, default is null. When you set markupRemove to true then any markup will be replaced by this character.

Note: You must specify a single character such as: "markupReplaceChar": " "

Optional, char

Optional dictionary to transform or modify language codes prior to saving to file. The following example, transforms fully qualified locales from the resource into simpler ones:

"localesMappings": {
    "de-DE": "de",
    "fr-FR": "fr"

Locales not in the dictionary are left unchanged. If you map multiple original locales to the same output locale, the system will retain only one of the "clashing" languages.

Optional, object

OPEN OFFICE specific options


Optional, default is false. If true then content is HTML encoded.

When to use true and when to use false?

Any markup will be output like in this example

  • "Hello <b>world</b>".

This is all fine unless the text contains < or > characters as well. Look at this example:

  • "Hello I <b>think</b> that 2 < 3"

By setting "htmlEncode" to true you will get instead:

  • "Hello I <b>think</b> that 2 &lt; 3"

Using "true" simply means that you can clearly distinguish between markup and the use of < > & as part of the actual text.

Optional, bool


This API method is an "asynchronous" operation. It either immediately returns the result or instead an operation ID which you need to periodically poll until the operation has finished.

Upon the first call you typically get an "operationid". Use this to further poll the operation status. See full explanation here: Asynchronous operation

When the operation is finished you get the reference to the file:

    "trm": {
        "status": "Finished"
    "custom": {
        "fileref": "52e77705f6904233b0c33b2e5d7c4a80",
        "filename": "export.ods",
        "segments": 10

Once the operation is finished, download the file with fileref and this API method:

(GET) /api/media/get/{fileref}


Export a translation memory with ID 112334 and with all default parameters:

(POST) /api/resources/segments/io/ods

	"scope": { "type": "DocumentSet", "dsid": 112334 },
	"locales": [ "en", "fr" ]

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