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Introduction to services

Services formalize the work your company staff, your external suppliers and even your clients can and do perform. A service very typically is:

  • The type of work such as translation, revision, proofreading etc.

  • A source language and a target language. The languages can also say “Any language” if the work is valid for any language. Some work may not require a target language at all and operate on the source content only.

  • Cost details. Examples: 0.20 EUR per word, 0.60 USD per each 100 characters, 5 EUR per page, etc.

  • And many more details

Services can be defined on company level, by means of price lists, or on person/user level. Price lists group services provided by supplier companies:

  • Supplier companies own price lists to sell services to your company

  • Your company (“My company” or “master company”) owns price lists to sell services to clients

  • Clients can be assigned all or selected price lists from the master company

Services can further be defined on person level:

  • Inhouse workers: To list the services a specific user provides. Here the master default price list is used for discount calculation. Costing is possible to calculate the cost of inhouse work.

  • Client workers: This is useful when you want to involve a client in workflows such as for validation of a translation. Costing features are switched off for this case.

  • Supplier workers: We do not support this case. Services of supplier companies are defined in the supplier price lists.

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