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Applies a job action


(PUT) /jobs/{id}/action/commit


The URL parameters are:


The job ID. Also see jobs/{id}/summary

Mandatory, string

Other parameters are a JSON object in the request body:

actionidThe ID of the action to apply. To obtain a list of all actions available to the connected user and for a specific job see: jobs/{id}/summaryMandatory, string
messageOptional user message.Optional, string?

Optional indication of whether a notifications shall be sent for the event.

If the mustNotify property (jobs/{id}/summary) of the action is true, then hide the checkbox from the user. The backend will enable notifs for that action always.

Default is true.

Optional, bool

Some action require additional parameters depending on the uicontrol


Applies if ui is AssignWithinCompany

It is the id of the user to which to re-assign the job. The user must be of the same company as the current user.

int, Conditional


The method returns the job summary. Same result as: jobs/{id}/summary 

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