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Use this method to calculate or re-calculate the cost of a Codyt job.

Please note that the method takes no action unless the job is assigned to a vendor and a service. Please note that cost calculation will only work correctly if:

  • The job is assigned to a vendor and service. Jobs assigned to the client of a project will not be costed.

  • An assigned supplier service is defined for a unit such as words, chars, minutes, etc. Make sure that the word count includes the total count for the unit. Otherwise, a cost calculation cannot work.

  • Other conditions may apply.

When a cost cannot be calculated, the system will reset / clear the cost.


(POST) /api/jobs/{id}/cost/actions/calculate


The URL parameters are:


The job ID. Also see jobs/{id}/summary

string, Mandatory


The method returns the new cost details.

See jobs/{id}/cost for payload details.

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