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Preview terms prior to assigning the job to the current user or a specific company/person.

If the current user or specific company/person is already assigned, then this method returns the current stored terms (that is it does not recalculate counts & cost).

The result is HTML content. How the terms look and what information is included is configurable in the platform by the admin. It may contain word count and cost details.


(GET) /jobs/{id}/terms/preview


URL parameters are:


The job ID. Also see jobs/{id}/summary

string, Mandatory
 Manager level users only: 

Preview terms if this company were assigned.

Default: null

int?, Optional

Preview terms if this person were assigned. Note that the person is disregarded if the company is external: Cost information and so on is for the external company not the person.

Default: null

int?, Optional


The result is HTML.

The HTML is constructed based on the administrator defined template.



The user must have proper rights to access the job.

A preview for the current user only works if: (a) user has the right to accept the job or is a manager, (b) or the user is already assigned to the job.

A preview for any other company/person requires job details editing rights. Hence calling method with cid/pid should be done only if you know that the current user has management level access to jobs.



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