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./list/aggregations/{id} (post)

Retrieves an aggregation (statistics) on the data, such as:

  • Total jobs per job status
  • Total deadlines per month
  • etc.


(POST) ./list/aggregations/{id}


URL parameters are:


The aggregation to retrieve.Use ./list/aggregations to get a list of all available aggregations with their ids.

If not specified, the system uses the default aggregation. This always is the aggregation with ID "default".

string, Optional


The other parameters are included as a JSON object in the request body:



Optional query string using a simple but powerful query language. Example:

{jobid} > 1000 AND {dtstart} > DateTime(2018, 10, 10)

The aggregation will be calculated for the queried data only.

Optional, string?



The method returns a JSON object with these properties:

totalTotal number of aggregated data

A list of buckets. A bucket is the aggregated value, the total count of records with the value and descriptive information:

  • One row per aggregation bucket (e.g. a status or a month)
  • The value of the bucket (a status code, a date)
  • The count which is the total of records in the bucket
  • The title of the bucket
  • The css class. Can be used in front end settings.
  • The query clause if you need to query the records matching the bucket value ("drill down").
propertiesThe details of the selected aggregation. Also see ./list/aggregationsarray<object>



An aggregation by job status:

    "total": 120,
    "buckets": [
            "value": 0,
            "title": "Draft",
            "css": "status draft",
            "query": "{status}.Matches(0)",
            "count": 119
            "value": 2,
            "title": "Inactive",
            "css": "status inactive",
            "query": "{status}.Matches(2)",
            "count": 1
    "properties": {
        "id": "bystatus",
        "name": "Job counts per status",
        "desc": "Indicates total jobs per job status."





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