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Gets files related information for all or a subset of the documents in the scope:

  • Document name
  • Locales with status information for deliverable


(GET) /persons/{id}


The message body contains a JSON object:

uidUnique Id of person of that we want get informations.


The message body contains a JSON object:


A company objects.


A person objects


The item company has these properties:


Company id.

nameThe company name.
addressThe company address.


The item person  have these properties:


Integer. Person id.

firstnameString. Person firstname.
lastnameString. Person lastname.
codeString. Person code.
roleString. Person role.
phoneString. Person phone.
phoneMobileString. Person phone mobile.
emailString. Person email (null if the person as configured email to private)
emailIsPrivateBoolean. True if the person as configured email to private else False.
isActiveBoolean. if the person is active or not in the platform.
pictureString. Relative url to access of the person picture.
linkString. Url to access of the person page.
profileString. Person profile.
labelsAn array of label object
workActivitiesAn activity object
commentsString: the person comments.


The item activity have these properties:

standardNumber of standard task active.
codytNumber of codyt task active.


Each item in labels has these properties:




See this example:

	"company": {
		"id": 1,
		"name": "Wordbee",
		"address": "Wordbee"
	"person": {
		"id": 1,
		"firstname": "Claude",
		"lastname": "Pont",
		"code": "CP",
		"role": null,
		"phone": "",
		"phoneMobile": null,
		"email": "",
		"emailIsPrivate": false,
		"isActive": true,
		"picture": "/api/media/persons/1/icon",
		"link": "http://xxx/a/devel/Company/Account.aspx?x=xxxxxxxxxx",
		"labels": [],
		"profile": "Administrator",
		"workActivity": {
			"standard": 0,
			"codyt": 0
		"comments": "",
		"customFields": [{
				"type": 1,
				"title": "Status",
				"value": null
			}, {
				"type": 2,
				"title": "Hobby",
				"value": null
			}, {
				"type": 5,
				"title": "Checkbox",
				"value": null



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