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Gets the word count details of a project's document in all or selected languages.


(GET) /api/projects/{pid}/wordcounts/{did}/{trg}


The URL parameters are:


The project id

int, Required

didThe document, Required
trgOptional target locale. Filters word count by this target language of the document.string, Optional


The user must have management access rights to the project.


Returns a JSON array with the word count details.

Each element has these properties: 

wcidA unique ID for this word count
didThe document
locsThe source locale.string
loctThe target locale.string
dtDate when this record was created or last updated.datetime

Global counts
wordsTotal words. int?
charsTotal charactersint?
pagesTotal pagesint?
minutesTotal minutes to work or workedint?
wordsExcludedTotal words not included in this word count. For information
charsTranslatedTotal characters of translated contentint?
wordsTranslatedTotal words of translated contentint?

Pretranslated words
wdPretransIdenticalTotal pretranslated words, whether pretranslations are 100%, 110% or
  • wdPretransIdenticalCtx
Among wdPretransIdentical, the 110% pretranslated words. Also called perfect or in-context
  • wdPretransIdenticalPrevCtx
Among wdPretransIdentical, the 110% pretranslated words, leveraged from the previous document
  • wdPretransIdenticalPrev
Among wdPretransIdentical, the 100% pretranslated words, leveraged from the previous document
  • wdPretransIdenticalMT
Among wdPretransIdentical, the machine translated wordsint?
wdPretransFuzzy<100% pretranslated words

wd110Total of 110% pretranslations. Equals sum of wdPretransIdenticalCtx + wdPretransIdenticalPrevCtxint
wd100Total of 100% pretranslations. Equals wdPretransIdentical - wdPretransIdenticalCtx - wdPretransIdenticalPrevCtxint

Fuzzy matches (not used for pre-translation) and repetitions
wdMatch1Total words falling into interval #1. The intervals (minimum % to maximum %) are configured in the project word count
wdMatch2Total words falling into interval
wdMatch3Total words falling into interval
wdMatch4Total words falling into interval
wdMatch5Total words falling into interval

Advanced. These properties are for information only. You are not required to populate these in word counts.

tagsTotal amount of markupint?
spacesTotal count of whitespace charactersint?
punctuationTotal punctuation charactersint?
nonAsianWordsTotal non-Asian wordsint?
asianCharactersTotal Asian characters (Japanese, Chinese, Korean signs)int?


See this example:

	"wcid": 14,
	"did": 14,
	"locs": "en",
	"loct": "fr",
	"dt": "2016-07-04T16:05:20.86",
	"words": 255,
	"chars": 1500,
	"pages": null,
	"minutes": null,
	"wordsExcluded": 0,
	"charsTranslated": null,
	"wordsTranslated": null,
	"wdPretransIdentical": 0,
	"wdPretransIdenticalCtx": 0,
	"wdPretransIdenticalPrevCtx": 0,
	"wdPretransIdenticalPrev": 0,
	"wdPretransIdenticalMT": 0,
	"wdPretransFuzzy": 0,
	"wd110": 0,
	"wd100": 0,
	"wdMatch1": 0,
	"wdMatch2": 0,
	"wdMatch3": 0,
	"wdMatch4": 0,
	"wdMatch5": 0,
	"tags": 0,
	"spaces": 155,
	"punctuation": 59,
	"nonAsianWords": 255,
	"asianCharacters": 0

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