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Enumerates segment level or document level comments for a scope.


(POST) /resources/comments/list


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


The scope object. The segment must be within the scope.

NOTE: This method does not support the Global Search scope.


Type of comments to retrieve: "s": Segment level comment. "d": Document level comment.

queryAn optional query object. This allows to constrain the segments to fetch comments for.Optional
localesOptional filter on languages of comments. If null then comments will be retrieved for all scope languages.Optional

Optional text filter.

catOptionally, the comments category. Defines the category (a name) as well as visual style.Optional
uidOptional filter on the user who added/updated the comment.Optional
tskOptional filter on the task code stored with a comment if the comment was added by a worker in the framework of a job.Optional
ascOptional sort order. False (default) = sort with most recent comments on top. True = Oldest comments on top.
skipUsed for pagination. 0 = get comments from the start. If not specified, value will be 0.Optional
takeUsed for pagination. Number of pages to retrieve. If not set, value will be 30.Optional

Optional array of person/user ids for which we do not need name and company, since we already have this information.

Try to provide the person ids if you already have details as this will speed up performance.

solvedOptional boolean property to filter the comments by its solved status. (false) means to get the non-solved comments. (true) means to get the solved comments. (null or not sending the property) means to get all the commentsOptional

Pagination: The skip/take values do not necessarily count actual comments. They are system internal numbers only.

The actual skip/take values to move to the next or previous set of comments is included with the method result.


A JSON with these properties:


An array of all comments of the segment, sorted by descending date.

It includes comments in all the scope languages to which the user has access.

See Comment (Object) for details.


An object containing the persons referred to by comments or revisions. Note:

  • Excludes persons contained in parameter knownpersons.
  • Excludes persons that the user cannot see. There is an access right to prevent a user from viewing user and company names.

See Persons List (Object) for details.


The list of locales in which we actually did search comments.

hasmoreBoolean indicating if there are more results available.

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