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Returns the document sets (the resources such as memories and termbases) contained in the scope.

With all scopes except the "global search" scope, this method will always return a single resource. For example a project is bound to a single project memory, as are jobs. A translation memory scope is bound to one specific translation memory resource, etc. Calling this method is thus useful for global search only.


(POST) /resources/documentsets


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


The scope object. The segment must be within the scope.

NOTE: This method does not support the Global Search scope.

Mandatory, object
skipUsed for pagination. 0 = get documents from the start. If not specified, value will be 0.Optional, int?
takeUsed for pagination. Number of documents to retrieve. If not set, value will be 30.Optional, int?
nameOptional resource name filter. This is a prefix filter.Optional, string?

Optional type of resource. Any of:

  • 1: Project memories
  • 2: Translation memories
  • 3: Terminology databases
Optional, int?



A JSON with these properties:


An array of all documents in alphabetical order.

See Document Set Details (Object) for details. The advanced properties are not included.

hasmoreBoolean indicating if there are more results available.bool




The resources for a typical global search scope:

	"items": [
		"dsid": 914,
		"name": "Chemistry 1",
		"cty": 2,
		"segs": 889021
		"dsid": 989,
		"name": "Chemistry terms",
		"cty": 3,
		"segs": 46679
	"hasmore": false

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