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Generates a web page that shows a preview of a file. For example, it uses code mirror for text based formats, an iframe for Office or InDesign documents.

This is an asynchronous operation. When completed, the results contain a secure file token.

With the token you can easily build the URL to open the preview page in the browser.

Note: You should always use this call after a first call to resources/files/details


(POST) /resources/files/preview


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


The scope object. Note that if you use a document set or global search scope, you will receive an "available" = false result. In fact these scopes do not support files.

Mandatory, object
 Document or attachment to preview 
didThe document id. This must be a document within the scope.Mandatory, int
sdidThe sub document id. If you can supply it do so. A Beebox LivePreview requires this parameter.Optional, int?

Language of the file.

Mandatory, string
folderFolder ID of the file. If not specified the call refers to source/target document. Must be used to reference attachments.Optional, string?

Name the file. If not specified the call refers to source/target document. Must be used to reference attachments.

Optional, string?
 Preview options 
domainThe parser domain. If not specified, the domain is estimated. You should provide this parameter if you got this value from resources/files/detailsOptional, string?
baseurlOptional base URL if the previewed file is a web page (used to offset relative image paths, css etc.)Optional, string?

Optional encoding of file to preview. Use if you want to explicitly override the encoding currently saved with the file.

Optional, string?



A TRM formatted JSON.

When finished the JSON contains a secure token that you can use to view the file: previewtoken

Then open a browser page and direct to /api/media/get/{previewtoken}/stream to show the results which is an HTML page.


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