Execute qa for documents.

Note: This request work asynchronously on the server. You need to consult detail on page Asynchronous treatment.


(POST) /resources/qa/run


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


changeStatusThe execution can be change the segments status.boolean
changeBookmarkThe execution can be change the segments bookmark. boolean
skipGreenStatusThe execution ignore the green segments. boolean
skipLockedThe execution ignore the locked segments. boolean
profileIdId of the profile.int
localeSourceThe locale source.string
localeTargetThe locale target.string
documentsList of Document filter (Object)
customQaProfileForce execution with a custom QA profile (optional)QA Profile
Object QA


An Asysnchronous (Object) with successful response :

	"trm": {
		"requestid": 195,
		"isbatch": false,
		"status": "Finished",
		"statusText": "◀Finished!▶"
	"result": {
		"items": [{
				"k": "results",
				"v": {
					"summaries": [{
							"docId": 1154,
							"schecked": 32,
							"errors": 51,
							"warnings": 16,
							"informations": 0
	"custom": null