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To import segments to a Word, Excel or Xliff file after offline editing.


(POST) /resources/segments/view/import


The message body contains a JSON object:


The scope object. It delimits the total range of segments and related resources that can be operated on.

Mandatory, object
tokenThe token of file uploaded (with media/upload method).Mandatory, string
doCommitBoolean. if updates shall be committed or if we only need the report.Mandatory, bool

Boolean. Default is false.

If false then locked segments will not be updated from the imported file.

Even if this is true, the user must have the access right to change locked segments.

Optional, bool?
Mandatory, object


An Asynchronous operation formatted JSON.

When finished the JSON contains :

custom.filenameThe name of file importedstring
custom.filerefThe token of the file uploaded for import.string
changesNumber. the total number of changes detected during
errorsNumber. the total number of erroneous detected during
isFatalBoolean. True if the import there was an error during import process.bool
fatalDetailsOnly if "fatal" is true: informations about the error.string?
fieldChangesList of fields updated.object[]
importConflictsNumber. the total number of conflicted
importUpdatedNumber. the total number of updated
nochangesNumber. The total number of segments without
processedNumber. The total number of segments analyzed during
totalNumber. The total number of



	"trm": {
				{"type":0,"title":"Spanish (Spain)","count":1}



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