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Gets list of all people who may be interested in a segment or document level comment.

This includes people who have a job, who are project manager, who have edited texts in the same document and language of the comment.


(POST) /resources/team/comment


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


The scope object. Note that if you use a document set or global search scope, you will receive an "available" = false result. In fact these scopes do not support files.

cmidThe comment id. See the API methods for fetching comments for more details.Mandatory


The result is a JSON object:


An array of members, See member object below.

See Team Member (Object) for properties.



Note: The mechanism for obtaining team members depend on the scope. For project and job scopes, the system looks for jobs and the project manager. For document set, resource and global search scopes members include only the people who have done text edits.



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