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Retrieves the list of all TBX fields supported by Wordbee.

The TBX standard(s) define a wide range of standard fields:

Wordbee further defines its own fields for Wordbee specific details such as custom fields or the text status and bookmark.


(GET) /api/settings/tbx/fields


The method has no parameters.


The result is a JSON array with one element per SRX rule set:


The field ID. Examples: context, grammaticalGender, definition etc.

titleThe print titlestring
commentOptional descriptionstring?

The data type, any of:

  • 0 - plainText: Text without any markup.
  • 1 - basicText: Text with markup, see TBX specification.
  • 2 - noteText: Text with markup, see TBX specification.
  • 3 - picklist: User chooses from a list of recommended values. See the "values" collection below.


Specifies where this field can be used: On concept level, on language level or term level or any combination thereof. The array values are:

  • 0 - termEntry: Concept level.
  • 1 - langSet: Language level.
  • 2 - term: Term level.


If the "type" is a pick list then this is an array of recommended values to choose from.

Each array element is an object:

  • v: The value
  • t: An optional title. If null then no title is defined and you would use "v"instead


The TBX data category. Any of:

  • admin : for administrative data categories
  • descrip : for descriptive data categories in general
  • termNote : for data categories that give the properties of a term or term component

NOTE: Data retrieved or stored in "note", "ref" or "xref" are not explicitly listed as fields in the results.


The "module" that specifies this field:

  • Basic: The TBX v3 basic fields.
  • Standard: All other TBX fields, notably those defined in version 1 of the standard
  • Wordbee: Additional fields used by Wordbee to export or import Wordbee attributes such as custom fields


A Wordbee specific information that describes where the field data is stored inside a segment/text. This is useful information if you retrieve segments using the API and you would like to know where data is saved.

  • TbxFields: Explicitly saved to the "tbx" collection on segment and term level.
  • CustomField: Field is saved to a Wordbee custom field
  • Comment: Field is saved to a Wordbee comment
  • Label: Field is saved to a Wordbee custom label





 "field": "context",
 "type": 2,
 "levels": [2],
 "title": "Context",
 "comment": "A sample sentence that contains the term.",
 "values": null,
 "category": "descrip",
 "module": "Basic",
 "storage": "TbxField"
 "field": "definition",
 "type": 2,
 "levels": [0, 1],
 "title": "Definition",
 "comment": null,
 "values": null,
 "category": "descrip",
 "module": "Basic",
 "storage": "TbxField"
 "field": "grammaticalGender",
 "type": 3,
 "levels": [2],
 "title": "Gender",
 "comment": null,
 "values": [{
 "v": "Feminine",
 "t": "feminine"
 "v": "Masculine",
 "t": "masculine"
 "v": "Neuter",
 "t": "neuter"
 "v": "Other Gender",
 "t": "otherGender"
 "category": "termNote",
 "module": "Basic",
 "storage": "TbxField"





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