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Spreadsheet Column (Object)

When you query for segments you obtain the actual data and a detailed description of the data columns. The result (data + columns) is called a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet column is an extension of the spreadsheet layout (it inherits and extends the layout column object).



The columns are listed in a JSON property "columns". Each column has these properties:

indexA sequential index starting at
nameThe print title of the column. For example: "English", "Context", etc.string
locThe language code of the column. Note that some columns are language independent.string?
loc_rtlTrue if the language is "right-to-left" such as Arabic or Hebrew.bool
loc_cmplxTrue if the language is a "complex script" language. This is the case for Arabic, Pashto, Sorani, Farsi, Thai and others. You find more information here:
loc_eaNot used.bool

Uniquely identifies the content of the column. When querying data you only need to include this property. All other properties below are for information purposes only.

The format is:





1~en~0   // The English text
8~~12   // The label with ID 12 (no language required)
3~fr~0   // The status of the French translation

The corresponding key in the layout you included with your query.

This will be different from "fkey"  only if you used language indexes instead of codes in the layout.

ftypeThe type of the column. It is embedded inside "fkey".int
canEditIf false then this column is not editable by the user. Note that this is a general access right. You need to look at the access rights details sent back with each segment.bool

Used with certain data columns such as custom fields and labels. This then describes the CF or label ID.

0 if not applicable to field type.




A column containing the English text of a segment:

	"index": 0,
	"fkey": "1~en~0",
	"fkeyLayout": "1~#0~0",
	"ftype": 1,
	"fqualifier": 0,
	"name": "English",
	"loc": "en",
	"loc_rtl": false,
	"loc_cmplx": false,
	"loc_ea": false


The example above shows that the layout specified a language index instead of a specific language code in fkeylayout. The index was replaced in fkey with the first language in the scope.



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