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Advanced methods

The API lets you control virtually any aspect of the Beebox. 

Unfortunately, we cannot document them all, there are simply too many. However, you can easily find the methods that do what you need.

First off, you should know that the web user interface of Beebox uses the API itself. This has a consequence: Whatever the UI can do you can do as well! Using any web browser you can identify the API method URL, verb and results.

Example: Find API method to show source files statistics

We will show how you use a web browser to find API methods. We are using Google Chrome but you can use any other browser.

  • Open a web browser and login to the Beebox user interface
  • Select a project and navigate to the Source files page:

  • Press the F12 key. In Chrome this opens the developer pane:


  • Click the Network tab and XHR a bit further down. Make the panel bigger if you cannot see all the information.
  • Press the F5 key to reload the page. You can now see the API calls of the page:

  • As the name tells, the first call retrieves the statistics. Click it to see more details:

You can see the full URL of the API call with all the parameters. The HTTP verb used by the call is printed just below. In our example it is a GET.


  • Now review the results of the call by clicking Response:

If you need help please contact Wordbee support.


Future support for undocumented API methods

We cannot guarantee that undocumented methods will not change or be deprecated in the future.

Contact Wordbee to have a specific method documented. This then guarantees future support.



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