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API - Check Beebox availability

This API method simply checks if there is a Beebox listening at a given server and port.

CMS connectors typically use this method to validate if the configured server URL is valid. If not, an error message is displayed to the user.

Possible reasons of unavailability:

  • Check Beebox server or company firewall: Must allow incoming HTTP connections on the port. Port number is 8089 by default but can be changed in Microsoft IIS.
  • Make sure the Beebox Windows service is started
  • Maybe wrong Beebox url, port number or http/https protocol selected


(GET) /whois


None. You do not need a session token.


The method returns status code 200 and this JSON:

{"name":"Beebox API"}


If there is no Beebox, either because it is not installed or no network connection (firewall) can be established you will get an HTTP error status.


Server exists at that name?

Server at IP with SSL and port 80?





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