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API - Delete translated content

This method lets you delete source files, instructions files and translated files from the IN, OUT and sandbox directories.


(DELETE) /api/files/file?token=&locale=&folder=&filename=

Please note that this is an HTTP DELETE action.


Parameters are:


The session token obtained when connecting.


Either the source language code, a target language code or "sandbox" to delete sandbox files (used to obtain cost quotations).

Language codes are ISO 2 letter codes such as “en”, “fr”, “en-GB”, “en-US”, etc.

Can be nullable


The relative path of the file including sub-directories.

  • This can be a simple file name like “myfile.xml”.
  • Or, it can include directories such as “folder1\folder2\myfile.xml”.

Note the use of backslash separators as it is common on Windows systems.

Can be nullable


Folder name (also it can be specified in filename)

Can be nullable


The method returns no result. An HTTP status of 204 indicates success.

If the file does not exist, the method returns HTTP 400.

See HTTP status values for error handling.

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