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API - Enumerate languages

Beebox uses ISO 2-letter language codes and English titles: About language codes in the Beebox.

This API method is helpful during development. When interacting with a Beebox project, be aware that you can only use the languages defined in that project.

To get the list of a project's languages, you would use API - Get project information instead.


(GET) /api/utility/languages?token=



The session token obtained when connecting.


The method returns a JSON array of languages:

	{"v":"af-NA","t":"Afrikaans (Namibia)"},
	{"v":"af-ZA","t":"Afrikaans (South Africa)"},
	{"v":"ak-Fant","t":"Akan (Fante)"},
	{"v":"ak-Fant-GH","t":"Akan (Fante, Ghana)"},


An HTTP status of 200 indicates success. Other HTTP status values indicate an error.



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