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API - Get project details

The purpose of this method is to retrieve and all available project data. This will work when during authentication you provided a project.


(GET) /api/details?token=


Parameters are:


The session token obtained when connecting.



The method returns JSON and HTTP status 200. Other HTTP status values indicate an error.


A typical result may look like:

    "beeboxProjectKey": "2cd581ca-6fc5-4869-850c-159e182a6842",
    "projectType": 0,
    "projectTypeT": "Files",
    "sourceLocale": "en",
    "sourceLocaleName": "English (en)",
    "sourceLocaleRTL": false,
    "targetLocales": [
    "targetLocaleNames": [
        "French (fr)"
    "targetLocaleItems": [
            "v": "fr",
            "t": "French (fr)"
    "name": "drupal test",
    "description": null,
    "sharedname": "drupal test",
    "shareddescription": null,
    "sourcedir": "c:\\beebox\\drupal test\\in",
    "targetdir": "c:\\beebox\\drupal test\\out",
    "dataSource": "Drupal",
    "mt": [],
    "tms": null,
    "bbext": [],
    "mail": {
        "emailsTo": null,
        "emailsCc": null,
        "newSourceEnabled": false,
        "newSourceSubject": null,
        "newSourceBody": null,
        "newTargetEnabled": false,
        "newTargetSubject": null,
        "newTargetBody": null,
        "enabled": false
    "connector": {
        "enabled": true,
        "role": "Plugin",
        "login": "mYlogin",
        "password": "password",
        "comments": null,
        "deliveryCallbackUrl": null,
        "ipAddresses": null,
        "urls": []
    "defaultMatchContext": false,
    "approve100": true,
    "needPrelim": false,
    "includeContext": false,
    "includeContextSize": 1,
    "jobBundling": 1,
    "oneJobPerFile": false,
    "jobContentGrouping": "None",
    "jobContentGroupingParam": null,
    "jobContentDeadlineGrouping": "Exact",
    "jobReferenceFormat": "Job {id} - {lcode}",
    "jobMDKeys": null,
    "autoMDAlgo": null,
    "segmentation": true,
    "labels": [],
    "autorun": {
        "enabled": true,
        "processRunSecs": 1800,
        "processRunLongSecs": 1800,
        "detectSourceFileChanges": false,
        "scanFiles": true,
        "createJobs": false,
        "createJobsMultilingual": false,
        "createJobsOffline": false,
        "createJobsMaxSegments": 1000,
        "createJobsIncludeMemory": false,
        "cancelIrrelevantJobs": false,
        "createJobsSendRequest": false,
        "createJobsCommitRequest": false,
        "jobResultsDownload": true,
        "jobResultsAccept": false,
        "jobSendCancel": false,
        "jobXliffOut": false,
        "jobXliffOutDir": null,
        "jobXliffIn": false,
        "jobXliffInDir": null,
        "jobXliffInCommit": false,
        "pseudoTranslate": true,
        "pseudoTranslateMode": "SourceToUpper",
        "pseudoTranslateLength": 0,
        "pseudoTranslateValidate": true,
        "pseudoTranslateSave": false,
        "deliverFiles": true,
        "recreateTargetFiles": true,
        "ps1trans": false,
        "deleteOldFilesMonths": 0,
        "saveFileStatus": false,
        "deleteOldJobsDays": 180,
        "ps1transPath": "c:\\beebox\\drupal test\\scripts\\script-actions-files.ps1",
        "ps1transExists": false
    "eventCallbackUrl": null,
    "costing": {
        "mode": "TMS",
        "unitPrice": 0,
        "unitPricePE": 0,
        "currency": "EUR",
        "vatRate": 0,
        "decimals": 2,
        "locales": null
    "postDelivery": {
        "mode": "Disabled",
        "location": "Translations",
        "namepattern": "{name}-{trg}{ext}"
    "alignByDefault": false,
    "parsers": [
            "domain": "XLIFF",
            "domainName": "◀XLIFF files▶",
            "name": "Drupal",
            "index": 0,
            "extensions": [
    "parserSelectors": [],
    "extensions": [
    "smtpEnabled": true,
    "smtpSenderEmail": ""


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