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API - List translated content

It’s possible to integrate translated content by various criteria. This operation is equivalent to iterate the files from the project "OUT\{target locale}" directory. It does not process directories other than OUT directory.


(GET) /api/files/list?token={token}&locale={locale}&folder={folder}&pattern={pattern}


Parameters are:


The session token obtained when connecting.


The target language. This must be one of the project target languages.

Language codes are ISO 2 letter codes such as “en”, “fr”, “en-GB”, “en-US”, etc.
Can be nullable


You can distinguish from which folder posses data.

For example, if the output folders are



You can put in folder param &folder=x1

Can be nullable (retrieve all folders)


The search string to match against the names of files in path. This parameter
can contain a combination of valid literal path and wildcard (* and ?) characters
, but doesn't support regular expressions.

Can be nullable

The file will be retrieved from the project output directory. Example: If you translated “folder1\myfile.xml”, the Spanish translation will be saved to “c:\beebox\{project id}\out\es\folder1\myfile.xml” and retrieved from there.


The method returns the list of translated files.


This is how files are stored internally in the Beebox.


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