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Releases 2017-01

Upcoming release:

  • An issue with language/website selection is fixed


This page shows items released so far this month.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NEW Beebox Admin UI - When login fails due to busy server, system displays which project is being processed.

When Beebox automatic operations are running in the background, users cannot login to the Beebox administrative web site, getting a "Busy server" message.
The login screen will now show full details of which Beebox project is processed as well as what operation is carried out. This information is exclusively shown when the user is logged-in with Administrator credentials.

UI, Beebox - BB-2

IMPROVED Support Microsoft Azure Authentication for Microsoft Machine translation

Beginning January 1, 2017, subscribers to the Microsoft Translator Text APIs will have limited access in Azure DataMarket. Microsoft recommend that move to Azure to avoid service disruption.

Now, Beebox can to authenticate the Microsoft machine translation system with Azure.

UI, Beebox - BB-3





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