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Releases 2017-03

This page shows items released in 2017-03.

Monday, March 13, 2017

NEW New job bundling options: When adding a file to a job, always include all segments

Beebox now proposes a new bundling option which defines the source content that goes into translation jobs. This new mode is named "Bundle complete files" and complements the existing options "Bundle segments" and "One job one file".
With the new mode, the system first detects all segments requiring translation/revision. However, instead of including just these segments (plus optional contextual segments) to the job, the system now always adds the complete files. This is true even with files that have just a single untranslated segment.
This new mode provides maximum context to the translator but generally adds substantially more content to jobs.

Jobs, Project Managers - BB-13

FIX Live Preview: Basic authentification protected sites may not work in preview

We fixed an issue introduced in 1.01.28 that prevented the websites protected by Basic Authentification to be previewed.

LivePreview, Beebox - BB-12

Friday, March 10, 2017

NEW Option to explicitly specify the meta information included with Wordbee Translator or XLIFF jobs

Any meta information extracted inside Beebox from a file as well as meta information stored with a file's "instruction file" are sent to Wordbee Translator as comments or to XLIFF as attributes.
The new option allows to restrict which meta information shall be included with jobs. A new option was added to the Beebox project settings page.

Jobs, Beebox - BB-10

NEW New maintenance option to auto-remove closed or cancelled jobs after selected period

In regular Beebox projects, closed or cancelled jobs are never removed (unless manually). This has an impact on performance when processing jobs and in the user interface when viewing jobs.
The new option in the "Automation" pane of the project now lets you choose a time period after which such jobs shall be deleted automatically. By default, this parameter is preset to 6 months. In high volume projects we recommend a period of 1 month.

Mainenance, Beebox - BB-9

IMPROVED Live Preview: New options to auto-navigate target site and support for target sites embedding authentication login/password in the URL

LivePreview is configured in a Beebox project under "Settings" > "CMS Connector". Enhancements are:
(1) The landing page URL for a Beebox file could be preset from a meta data field saved with the file. Now you can compose URLs from multiple meta data. For example:{{id}}/{{action}}
(2) Target web sites that embed a user name and password in the URL for basic authentication now too support live preview. Such URLs look like: "".

LivePreview, Beebox - BB-11





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