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Releases 2018-07

This page shows items released in 2018-07.

Friday, July 20, 2018

NEW Compatibility with .NET Core/Standard projects

The .NET Core/Standard projects are now fully handled by Beebox, when using Beebox with a Microsoft.Net license.

Visual Studio, Beebox - BB-59

NEW Beebox Updates message

Beebox now show a message when a new version of the product is available for download. This way, you are always aware of the new Beebox release and do not miss the latest features and fixes.

Core, Beebox - BB-48

NEW Beebox UI: DeepL integration

It is now possible to add a DeepL translation engine directly from the UI. This setting is, as usual, in General, then Machine translation.

UI, Beebox - BB-53

NEW Pass-Through projects: Cleanup old closed or cancelled workflows available

The option "Cleanup old closed or cancelled workflows", previously only available for Regular project is now available on Pass-Through projects. Enabling this option is recommended to improve performances with big projects.

Core, Beebox - BB-50

IMPROVED Improve Wordbee communications

If your system does not support TLS 1.0, you might have errors with Beebox to communicate with our licensing servers. We improved Beebox licensing system to use the latest version of TLS if supported by the operating system.

Core, Beebox - BB-55

IMPROVED Sessions information improved

When login though the Beebox User Interface, the system did not log the IP address of connection but ::1. We now improved this to show the real IP address of the user connected to the UI.

Core, Beebox - BB-49

FIX Parser configuration fix

We fix an issue preventing the parser configurations to be updated when the QA related to the languages were enabled.

Core, Beebox - BB-56

FIX XLIFF hotfolders: Automatic identification of file encoding may fail

When reading an XLIFF file from the XLIFF hotfolder, Beebox may not identify the correct file encoding if there is no BOM. This problem has now been fixed: Beebox properly reads the encoding from the XLIFF file.

Jobs, Administrators - BB-51





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