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Releases 2020-03

This page shows items released in 2020-03.

Monday, March 2, 2020


Core, Beebox - BB-220

NEW Allow attachments and instruction file access from UI

Action download attachments and beebox instruction file was added from UI level. Before attachments were only available from WBT level.

Core, Beebox - BB-117

NEW Add exception when locale is not in project for Beebox API

When customer set different locale than he was using in his project, api didnt throw exception that locale is incorrect and instead of that, response message was sucesfull (which was misleading for all of users)

Wordbee BB, Beebox - BB-231

NEW Add to logger warning message on autorun process

New logger was added for autorun process, now all errors (like project was not read, file was not processed) are visible on Window called 'recent events' .

Core, Beebox - BB-225

When one of project in TMS was inactive, or was deleted in TMS , it was not possible to delete that link from beebox. It was only possible to delete it from config file.

Core, Beebox - BB-233





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