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Releases 2020-04

This page shows items released in 2020-04.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

NEW Integrate custom markup tags from CAT Editor to xliff files.

Custom Markup tags like <br> <u> <sup> <sub> <i> from the CAT Editor were integrated with Beebox xlliff files. This will make possible updating text-formatting in your translations, even when the original source file did not contain any formatting. The feature is compatible with all connectors (Beebox CMS projects).
Configuration required: activate following flag in the XLIFF parser from Beebox:

Core, Beebox - BB-94

NEW New methods to beebox were added and well documented

Beebox documentation was upadated. Documentation is available on followe adress

Wordbee BB, Clients - BB-251

IMPROVED Optimize synchronization of PassThrough jobs

PassTrough project synchronization with WBT was optimized. Waiting for a job status should be processed slightly faster.

Core, Clients - BB-263

IMPROVED Improve search menchanism on target files

It was not possible to search partially, in the names on target files. This functionality was improved.

Core, Clients - BB-261

IMPROVED Optimise login process

The login process was optimized, especially for connectors.

Core, Beebox - BB-258





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