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Releases 2022-06

This page shows items released in 2022-06.

Monday, June 6, 2022 - Version 1.08.03

NEW New Segment Filter In Beebox for Mismatching Markup. Source Code Published.

We have added a new segment filter in Beebox. With the new filter, you can instantly find translations that contain inconsistent markup between the source and target segments. The filter detects missing markup, multiple occurrences of the same markup in the translation, and markup in the translation that is not present in the source text.
We have also published the source code of a Beebox extension that implements the same filter. You can modify this code to customize the algorithm or implement your own filters. This can be downloaded at:

Extensions, Project Managers - BB-737

IMPROVED Enhancements to Beebox Live Preview When Translated Segment Has Non Breaking Space

Translated segments are displayed in Beebox live preview correctly even if it has "no breaking space".

LivePreview, Wordbee BB, Translators - BB-728

FIX Import TMX Memory in Beebox Project Resources

Importing TMX memory in Beebox is now working correctly.

Resources, Wordbee BB - BB-732





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