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Adding Suppliers

If you need to add a new supplier, you must first define all pertinent data on the New supplier's page.

To define new suppliers follow these steps:

  • Point to the Suppliers' arrow and select New supplier from the list or click on New supplier on the Suppliers main page.

  • Fill the supplier's Name field.
  • Select the Type of supplier from the drop-down list.
  • Specify whether or not this account has login rights by ticking the Create a login for this company checkbox.
  • If you want the supplier to be able to log on, you must also fill in the following fields:

User last name, User first name, User email, Login, Password, Retype password to confirm, The User profile is set to External worker.

  • Click on Save.

The supplier is now in your database and the page changes to show the Supplier's page with four more tabs and several other elements on the page:

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