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Client Management

client is a person for whom you work. This can be a company that you are working for or an internal department which needs documents or other items to be translated, revised, proofread, and so on.

With Wordbee Translator, you are able to build a client list and manage each client in the system. This includes entering all the usual information: addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. A client in the system may also have an associated price list and can be provided with a login to access his own personal space called the client portal. The client portal may be used to access orders, job information, etc. for improved communication between clients, suppliers, and project managers. 

Advantages of Client Management

The client management feature makes it easy to manage clients within the system and track all aspects of an order. With it, you can do the following: 

  • Enter each client's information into the system.
  • Create logins for the client portal.
  • Define client price lists.
  • Manage projects per client. 
  • Manage linguistic resources per client.
  • Maintain contact and billing information. 
  • Gain a more collaborative environment. 

What are the Client Benefits?

With the client management feature, you are able to enter each client's information into the system and create one or more logins based on defined user profiles. The client is then able to log into the Client Portal. For further information, please go to Client Portal.

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