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Creating Custom SRX Rule Configurations

In some instances, a custom SRX Rule configuration might be needed for a language. Within Wordbee Translator, you have the ability to add a new set of segmentation rules by inserting a custom XML file with the required SRX Rules.

To do so, go to Settings > Translation Settings > Segmentation Rules, click on Configure, and then click on Add New in the upper right corner.

The following screen will open for inserting a custom set of segmentation rules. 

First, choose the language from the provided drop-down menu that you want to use for creating a new set of SRX Rules. 

Then enter a Name within the Settings Name field for the custom segmentation (SRX) rule configuration by removing "Default" and typing the desired reference name.

You may also enter comments to appear in the list of segmentation rules for this configuration. Once finished, click on Select to choose the XML file for rule insertion. 

Then maneuver to the file's save location, select it, and click on Choose.

The file name will appear in the SRX Rules section as shown below. If you want to choose a different file, click on Clear and then follow the steps above to make another selection. 

Next, click on Insert in the bottom right corner to complete the addition. You may also click on Cancel to exit this screen without adding the new SRX Rule.

The new configuration will appear within the Segmentation Rules list in alphabetical order based on the language, as shown below:


SRX rules will be applied in the same sequence as they appear in the system: 1st set of language independent rules+ 1st set of language rules).

This means, that if more than one profile is to be kept, then make sure your default ones are always on top.

The Default Settings for language-specific SRX Rule configurations may not be removed from Wordbee Translator; however, if you have created a custom SRX rule configuration, an option is provided for deleting them from the system. Click on Delete to the right of the SRX Rule configuration you want to remove from Wordbee Translator. 

Please note that by doing so, the system will automatically use the Default Settings (unless a different custom set of segmentation rules has been defined) for the language when performing a translation.

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