Within the Machine Translation Systems settings you have the option to Add a New Machine Translation System or to simply enable one that is already present in the list, which are set to a Limited Status by default.

In order to Enable a system and have Full Access, you will need valid credentials or keys from the chosen provider (click here for more information).

To get started, click on Select next to the desired MTS within the list. For this example, we will be enabling a Microsoft Machine Translation System. 

This will open a screen for editing the chosen MTS, as shown below. You will need to tick the option titled Enabled - full feature set.

Then enter the appropriate valid credentials, which will need to be obtained from the selected provider. For Microsoft, you will need to enter a valid Client ID and Client Secret

Once finished, click on Save in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Wordbee Translator will need to test the supplied keys/credentials to verifty validity. You will receive the confirmation message shown below. Click on OK to continue with the credential check or Cancel to return to the configuration screen.

If the validation is successful, you will be returned to the Machine Translation Systems settings and the chosen system will have an Enabled Status.

Please note that you may have more than one Machine Translation System set up for Microsoft or another provider. We recommend using unique names to make identification easier. Each system may be configured for one, multiple, or all source and target languages.