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Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates may be entered into the system for currency conversion to be used in financial reports. The Company Currency is the one displayed in the default price list of My company and is the target currency for the conversion.

Exchange rates consist of the currency type and the actual conversion rate. You may enter as many rates as needed for currency conversion.

How to Access the Exchange Rates Settings

Click on Settings in the toolbar and then scroll down to the General Settings section. Next, click on Configure to the right of the Exchange Rates option.

Configuring Exchange Rates

If you need to configure exchange rates, click on Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you see the message 'No records to display', it means that exchange rates do not currently exist in the system. Click on Add at the bottom of the page to enter a new conversion rate.

Then select the Foreign Currency and enter the appropriate Rate for that currency. You can select View online to check in a new tab in the browser the current exchange rates. When finished, click on Save in the upper right corner.

If you need to remove an exchange rate, simply click on Delete to the right of the appropriate one in the list when in "Edit Mode".

Entered exchange rates will appear on individual lines, as shown below: 

Note: exchange rates do not automatically update in case the conversion rate change.

To learn how to use the conversion rates in financial reports please refer to How to edit, customize and add new Reports.

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