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How does the system lookup and retrieve the best translations for pre-translation or during Editor work?


If I have two very good translation candidates for my working segment, both show a 100% but come from different resources, how does the system choose the best?


The search algorithms used in Wordbee Translator during pre-translation phase and in the translation environment(s) (Translation Finder or Global Search features) take into account a handful of criteria so you have always the best matches proposed, also in a given relevance order.

In case of a tie, the system will check the next category in the list to find the best candidate available.

These criteria are (by order of priority):

1st → % rate

The system will always look for the best % rate between your source text and the segments available in your attached resources. Learn how to customize this rate here.

2nd → Source of the segment (human edited vs. machine generated)

Human made translations will have better score than any machine correction or generated MT text.

3rd → Segment Status (neutral vs. validated)

Validated segments have higher priority than neutral or error segments. Learn how to completely disregard segments with red statuses here.

4th → Segment properties (has_author vs empty_author)

In case of a tie, the system will choose the segment for which there is an identified user/author.

If you are combining resources which are a result of your work in the platform with imported resources, you may want to make sure TMX properties are available so you can break it down to the next criteria in the list.

5th → The Language specificity of the resource

Resources which are Locale-specific will be handled with higher priority against general language resources. Learn how to customize this behavior here.

6th → The Resource Group (upper vs. lower position)

The order listed in the resource group defines the priority sequence in case any of the criteria above showed the same results. Learn how to set it up here.

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