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Importing People and Logins to the platform

How to fill the template?

This template allows you to import user profiles to your supplier or client companies, including the master company.

The template allows you to include several details as described in the screenshot below :

The user login details can also be created so as to allow them to connect to your environment by filling the "Login" field.

Important information

  • The 'People and Logins' template can only be imported if the company exists on the platform.
  • Only the fields with an asterisk are mandatory.
  • The import can handle 5000 entries per operation. Make sure the number of lines in the template is within this limit.

How to import the template?

Go back to the "import data" screen, select "People and Logins" in the dropdown menu, and click on the "Upload file" button, as shown below:

If the import is successful, the following message will be shown :

How to setup passwords?

A report file will be generated with all user details ready to be shared. For confidentiality reasons, each user will have a personal link to set the password manually.

  • Users created will always be able to define their own password by using the 'Reset your password' feature from the login page.

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