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Importing Pricelists

This template lets you import your clients and suppliers' pricelists. The clients pricelists are the ones that you create and apply to your clients. The suppliers pricelists on the other hand, correspond to the prices and discounts you have negotiated with your suppliers so as to be able to directly see how much you will pay for a job when assigning a job.

Important information

  • Clients and suppliers' pricelists template can only be imported if the 'Clients or Suppliers' template has been uploaded first, as you need the users' company details to be created in the system to be able to import related pricelists information.
  • Only the fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

In the document, you will notice different sections symbolized by different colors:

Pricelist type:

General information:

Match intervals and discounts:

Note that discounts cannot be absolute values but percentages. However, this is something that you can configure manually in the system if needed.

Discounts for pre-translations and machine translation results:

Service details:

Note that you will have to enter one service per line.


Make sure the task codes you want to import are already enabled in the Wordbee Platform (you can also create your own custom tasks if they don't exist).

Make sure the services you add match exactly the language codes described in the Wordbee Codes sheet of the template.

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