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In which areas of the system can I use Machine Translation?


What are the different areas of the system where I can use machine translation?


In Wordbee Translator, you can use machine translation in different areas:

Project/file level

Within a project, you can select any number of files you want to machine translate.

You can choose the engine you want to use and the text you want to machine translate.

Note that you can also machine translate files when marking them for online translation.


Within the translation editor, the MT tab located in the Translation finder widget, allows you to request a machine translation for the select segment.

You can use the dropdown menu to select the machine translation engine you want to use.

Note that some engines required you to have activated an API key to be able to request translations, even at the segment-level.

MT Hive

MT hive is a module that is part of the client portal section. It is specially dedicated to handling machine translation and post-editing requests.

The submitted files are first pre-translated with a selected set of translation memories, and then machine translated by the machine translation engine of your choice.

Find out more about his module in the documentation links below.

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