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Invoice Excel import

In Wordbee, invoices are typically automatically created from the word count analysis in Wordbee and client or supplier prices. If needed, invoices details can be edited manually.

This feature gives you a third possibility:

  • Upload an Excel file with word count details directly into an invoice. Such Excel files may come from a third party TMS or your own systems.
  • This extracts: Document names, Languages, Word counts, Pre-translations, Fuzzy matches etc.
  • Costs are calculated from the client or suppleir price list and service details.

For this nifty feature to work, you first need to do some configuration. Tell the system what information is contained in your Excel or Excels: Which counts in which column, how to calculate cost and a few more details.

Check this out in:

How to upload your custom word counting analyses in Excel

Let's take a look at the 3 simple steps you will need to perform to update your invoice with external word-counting analyses.

For this example, we will take a sample Excel file formatted like this:

1) Project managers will navigate to a invoice and click the "Import from Excel" link:

2) A blue box opens to Upload the Excel document. Now select your file or drag & drop it.

3) The invoice is populated from the Excel in seconds, your counts and cost can now be updated with your custom analysis!

For all this to work smoothly, you need to first enable the feature and tell the system how your Excels look like. See next chapter named up in the page "Configure content of your Excel files".

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