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Invoicing and Accounting Suppliers_ Setting Up

On the supplier's page, you can see that there is a part named Invoicing & Accounting that summarizes its VAT rate, its Creditor number, which is useful for finding one's way in all the suppliers the company has to bill, etc. If you don't set anything, you will have all the options set by default as shown below:

  • To change some or all of the information of the Invoicing & Accounting part, click on Edit, next to Delete at the top right of the page. You will see this:

  • Set all the options that you want for the supplier: its Creditor number, its VAT rate, the layout of the invoice, whether the invoices are to be sent by email automatically and/or by post mail, add comments, payment terms...

Note: You should first define your company's pricelists (see: My Company.

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