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Managing dynamic supplier groups

Wordbee Translator allows you to dynamically create supplier groups based on filters like the translation domain of suppliers, their type (freelancers or agency), custom field values, labels, etc. Depending on the type of filters applied, the system will automatically add all relevant suppliers to the supplier group.

Similar to the static groups, the suppliers' language pairs are not taken into account. If the group is assigned to a job, depending on the language combination, the system will only send notifications to the right suppliers in the group.

Create Supplier groups

To create a dynamic supplier group, go to Suppliers > Supplier groups and click on Add group.

You are requested to fill in the group details before being able to select and apply the desired filters. Details include:

  • The group name: You can, for instance, create a group per translation domain, client, etc.

  • The job type: The type of task to be performed by suppliers like translation, revision, proofreading, layout, etc.

  • The type of group: Select 'Dynamic group'.

  • Strict languages: Optionally tick this option. If you want the system to send job notifications to suppliers for which the languages match perfectly with the job languages (of a given project). This option is useful if you work with language locales and want to ensure that the right suppliers have been assigned to the jobs.

  • Document names: Optionally restrict the group to specific documents. This group is not automatically assigned to a job if the job document names do not contain any of the strings above. Case differences are ignored. Type one string per line.

Once the group details are configured, click on the 'Save' button.

Supplier filter list

A list of filters appears after you have saved the configuration form. The filters are divided into 3 categories:


Once external suppliers or in-house workers are preselected from the filters below, you can optionally filter the price list services that shall be retained in this group.

External suppliers

Restrict which external suppliers shall be selected. These filters apply to company-level fields including custom fields and labels.

Inhouse workers

Optionally delimit the in-house workers to select. These filters apply to person-level fields including custom fields and labels.

Client workers

You can include users with the profile "External client and worker" in dynamic supplier groups, exactly the same way you do with internal users. When is this useful? Managers use labels to define the skills level of the client workers. The option allows them to automatically assign job assignments to the suppliers that are part of the dynamic groups.

The filter will only select client users if the languages are configured in their user profile.

The system assigns priorities to services in the following way: priority is given to services that match language pairs exactly. Priority is then given to services with the highest rating.

The system selects a single service per supplier or worker. If there are more eligible services, the system will select the "best" according to the priorities.

For a given job and language pair, the system selects the maximum number of external and in-house suppliers as specified in the configuration. By default, if the number of suppliers specified above is more than the number of priority matches, then the system will pull alphabetically from the remaining suppliers in your database. Optionally, enable the randomization option to instead randomly pull from the remaining suppliers.

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