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Azure OpenAI

What is Azure OpenAI?

Azure OpenAI is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft that integrates OpenAI's language models, like GPT-3, into Azure platforms. It allows Wordbee to incorporate OpenAI’s advanced natural language processing features into Wordbee Translator with the reliability, security, and scalability of Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.


To integrate your Microsoft Azure OpenAI language model, simply go to Settings > Large Language Models (LLM) > Select. On this screen, click on Add new and choose Azure OpenAI from the available options.

Begin by naming the system for easy reference in Wordbee Translator and set the scope for the LLM profile. The scope will define how you can use the profile in the future. To proceed with the connection, be sure to enter the required credentials.


This is your authentication key for accessing Azure OpenAI services.

After creating an Azure OpenAI service instance in the Azure portal, you can find your key(s) under the Keys and Endpoint section of your OpenAI service resource.


The specific OpenAI model you want to use.

In Wordbee you can choose various ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 models.

Resource Name

The name you gave your Azure OpenAI resource when you created it.

API Version

The version of the Azure OpenAI API you are targeting.

You may find the current API versions in the Azure documentation.

Deployment Id

Unique identifier for your deployment instance.

It's usually provided during the creation or configuration of your OpenAI service in Azure.

To find this information, please:

  • Log into the Azure Portal ( ).

  • Navigate to the All resources or directly to AI + Machine Learning > OpenAI service instances you've created.

  • For keys, model choices, and API versions, look into the specific OpenAI service instance's settings and documentation within the Azure portal.

If you're new to Azure or these steps seem unfamiliar, please consult the Azure documentation for OpenAI service or seek assistance from someone with Azure experience.

After entering the required information, click Save to store your credentials and add the profile to the list.

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