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Prioritize the MT Systems

Within the settings, you will see a Priority Column consisting of an up and down arrow for each listed machine translation system. These may be used to change the priority level of machine translation systems currently residing in Wordbee Translator. 

For example, currently Microsoft - English to French is a custom machine translation system added to Wordbee Translator and the only one with an Enabled Status. If you want to move it so that it has second priority (or higher), then click on the Up Arrow next to its name. 

As shown below, the enabled Microsoft Machine Translation System now resides in the second position on the screen and will take priority over the default Microsoft entry, but not over Google. If you want to make this the top priority, then you will need to click on the Up Arrow again or the Down Arrow next to Google to move it down in the priority list. 

Let's say you want to move Google down in the priority list. Click on the Down Arrow next to the Google Machine Translation System.

Now the Microsoft - English to French machine translation system resides at the top of the list and will take priority over Google, as shown below:

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