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Releases 2017-01

This page shows items released so far this month.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NEW Supplier selector popup: Timeline now flags the supplier specific weekend days in gray color.

When assigning a supplier manually, the popup lists all suppliers. You can expand each supplier to view price details, off days and a timeline with all currently open jobs. In the framework of the new planning tools, this timeline was reworked and correctly highlights the off-days and (country specific) weekend days of the specific supplier.

Management, Project Managers - WM-265

NEW New "Planning" section in company and person records: Specify work times, weekend days, holidays

A new "Planning" tab was added to the company, person and My Account pages. Here you can view and edit work times, weekend days, non worked days. In addition the pages show a timeline with all currently open jobs.
The information can be edited as per access rights, by internal managers for all companies and users. By external managers for external staff. Each user can edit his/her own work details.
This new feature also presets weekend days as a function of the user's country. For example, weekends are preset to Friday and Saturday where applicable.

Management, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-264

NEW Word/Excel/Powerpoint filters: New option to only extract text in selected colors for translation.

Office filters always allowed excluding certain colors from translation (to cope with scenarios like "Translate all but the red colored texts). Now we added the opposite option: Translate only specific colored text! This allows for use cases like "Translate only the green and blue texts".

File Formats, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-258

NEW Project and Job Status Synchronization

Three options have been added that allow:
1. Setting a project's status to 'In progress', the first 'Inactive' job's status in each workflow, is set to 'Not started'
2. Setting a project's status to 'Cancelled' all 'Not started', 'In progress', Inactive' and 'Not assigned' jobs' statuses are set to 'Cancelled'
3. Setting a project's status to 'Completed' is not allowed if there are jobs that are still open. A warning message is displayed instead.
All three options can be found under Settings -> Work processes -> Projects

Management, Project Managers - WM-103

IMPROVED Library upload is now increased to 1 Gib

The upload limit of the upload systems available in the library is now increased to 1 Gib.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-266

FIX Fix new word export in standard job editor (Now the link for export appears)

The link to export segments with "new word export" was missing in standard job editor.

This has been corrected.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-262


Thursday, January 26, 2017

FIX Search on 'Pick list, multiple choice' fields

When the user search in a custom field "Pick list", the result of search compute all criteria.

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-257

FIX Pick list, multiple choice isn't working in Persons Custom Field Forms

The custom field "Pick list, multiple choice" isn't working in the person forms.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-256

FIX Wrong suppliers while assigning a job, using the allow assigning jobs to users without login feature

If "allow assigning jobs to users without login" is set to no, there is a case where the suppliers are not the ones expected, leading to a crash in the job assignment.

Job Management, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-255


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

NEW The change history of an order now shows changes to the deadline field

The client order page includes a link to view the history of status changes and messages. You access the history by clicking the status label in the top of the page. The history now also shows changes to the deadline including the deadline on the initial order.
The history is visible to both the client and authorized internal users.

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-248

IMPROVED Business reports 105 and 106: Special indicator when amounts in Codyt supplier invoices where manualy changed with respect to the job cost details

The two financial reports "Project profit and loss - By service" now explicitly highlight Codyt supplier invoices where the totals were manually edited in the final invoice. This concerns Codyt only.
Normally, the invoice is automatically created from the cost details saved with the job. Since the report prints cost details saved with the Codyt job, the report needs to show the manual adjustments done.
Invoices that had been manually edited for Codyt jobs are printed as separate lines with "(Adjustment: Initial job cost manually changed in one or more supplier invoices)" in the "Document name" column.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-250

IMPROVED Business reports 105 and 106: Supplier invoices not attached to jobs are shown as separate lines in the report.

The two financial reports "Project profit and loss - By service" now explicitly highlight Codyt supplier invoices that do not reference a specific job in separate report lines. Before, only the total of such invoices were shown with the project without showing the individual invoice references concerned.
Such orphan invoices are printed as separate lines with "(Supplier invoice not linked to job)" in the "Document name" column.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-249

IMPROVED Custom fields marked as required become visible for all, even when these fields are not marked as visible on their respective forms for the new order feature

In the new order form, when a client is creating an order, mandatory custom fields are always visible for everyone.

Solution brought : It is now possible to set a custom field mandatory and hidden for a new order form.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-247

FIX Strict languages in supplier groups not saving

The parameters "Strict languages" is now updated during the editing process.

Administration, Administrators - WM-253

FIX Project workflow template editing: Occasional bug when specifying delays for a group

This minor problem may occur when you edit the workflow of a project and configure a workflow step to be assigned to supplier groups. Sometimes, the delay you specify with a supplier group is reset to zero when you close and re-open the supplier group selector.

Management, Project Managers - WM-252

FIX The updates of labels Project are not visible

Now the system refresh the cache of projects labels after labels are update.

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-251


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NEW New business rule to disable notifying external suppliers of inactive jobs

A new business rule was added to "Settings" > "Work processes". With this rule you can disable any notifications regarding jobs for external suppliers. Inactive jobs are then no longer notified. Only once their status is moved to "Not started" or "In progress", the suppliers will receive notifications.
This rule can be combined with the recently added access right "Can view inactive jobs". You may optionally revoke this right for external suppliers. Then they cannot see any inactive jobs online.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-246

NEW New Asian specific option in text filters: Remove spaces in between segments when building translated files

By default segmentation "hides" spaces in between segments in the translation editor. Upon creating the translated document, these spaces are reinserted.
With logographic target languages such as Chinese or Japanese, the hidden spaces generally should not be inserted back.
We added a new option with all file filters under the "Segmentation" related options. Tick the new option and spaces are not inserted back whenever the target language is logographic. The source language of a document does not affect this option.

File Formats, Translators, Project Managers - WM-145

FIX Defining Word/Excel/Powerpoint format filters containing embedded Office files may lead to invalid configurations in specific situation

If the configuration specified for the embedded Office files is the same as the parent configuration, the configuration size grows exponentially (Word contains Word contains Word contains Word....). We amended the system so that an Office file can still embed other files, but the embedded files themselves do not allow to embed files themselves (for the purpose of translation).

File Formats, Project Managers - WM-245


Friday, January 13, 2017

NEW New links to view the original document format configuration used to process a file

Whenever you mark a document for translation you choose a "file format configuration" that specifies which and how text shall be extracted and segmented. You manage your file formats under the "Settings" link.
We added links that allow you to view, per each file, the exact configuration that was used at the time.
With Codyt: Right click a file in the documents window and select "Manage document". In this popup you will find the new "Format configuration" link.
With Standard: Go to the "Work & Delivery" page of the project and click the name of a document. In the tooltip you find the "Format configuration" link.

File Formats, Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-243

NEW New custom field type "Checkbox"

Custom fields can be added for projects, jobs, invoices and so on from the "Settings" > "Custom fields" page. You can now create a new field type, namely checkboxes. These can either be ticked or unticked. This adds to the existing types text fields, pick lists, URLs and images.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-104

NEW New access right to enable/disable workers to see "Inactive" jobs

Inactive jobs are jobs which are created but not yet to be worked on. A project manager can already assign such jobs so that suppliers can pick them up or prepare for the upcoming work. Some customers prefer that workers cannot see/access any inactive jobs even if they are assigned or job proposal exists. The new access right permits hiding such jobs for specific user profiles.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-232

NEW Settings page to configure enabled languages now indicates additional information including RTL

You can view all languages enabled in your platform under "Settings" - "Languages". In addition to language name and code we now show indicators in the last column of the list:
(1) if a language is written from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew..)
(2) if a language does not use spaces to separate words (Japanese, Chinese...)
The first flag is for example used by the translation editor to correctly render text. The second flag is used in conjunction with the generic text filter option to remove spaces in between segments when reconstructing a document in a language such as Japanese. You can read more about this in the respective text filter configuration under the "Segments" block (feature will be released only after the present one!).

Administration, Administrators - WM-241

IMPROVED Page selector for error list in Data Import feature

A page selector has been added to the data import feature, you can now choose to display 100, 200, 500 or 1000 items per page.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers, Leads - WM-244


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NEW API: Method "codytdocument2" proposes new option to specify workflow template.

The API method "projects/{projectid}/documents/codytdocument2" is used to mark a document for translation and create workflows. Now it has a new optional parameter "workflowname". With it you can explicitly specify the name of a workflow template. If not specified, the method uses the workflow template configured in the project as before.
See updated chapter 7.5.3 in the API documentation:

API, Administrators - WM-188

NEW Business report S105: New date filter option

The "Project profit and loss - By service" report now proposes a new date filter when you create the report. Now you can select all projects that have at least one client invoice where the invoice date is within the selected date range.

Reports, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-240

NEW Two new business reports to analyse profit and loss by language and client

We added the new reports S107 and S108. They present the same financial data but present them differently: S107 renders a classic Excel table and S108 renders a set of charts, graphs and pivot tables. Both give answers to these questions: How much money did I earn per project, per client, per source language or per target language. Using the wide range of filters, drill down to understand where profit is below or above expectations.
All reports can be freely customized in terms of content and design. See how this works at:

Reports, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-233

NEW New dynamic supplier groups which select services and suppliers by filter criteria

Supplier groups are a convenient means to rapidly assign qualified suppliers or create job openings.
With the existing "static" groups you explicitly select and add services of suppliers when creating a group.
Now with the new "dynamic" groups you specify filters. Suppliers matching the filters are then automatically members of the group. Filters can be on custom fields, labels, translation domains, price codes, ratings and other criteria. Both static and dynamic groups have their respective use cases. Once again, with Wordbee you are at the forefront of process automation.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-98

NEW New languages added - Russian (Kazakhstan), Japanese (United States)

New languages have been added. Wordbee now supports Russian (Kazakhstan) and Japanese (United States). The respective codes for these new languages are ru-KZ, ja-US.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-229

IMPROVED Tooltip showing list of all project documents now includes the total words and characters with each document

This feature will give project managers additional information at a glance. Currently the project dashboard lets you display a list of all project documents together with the respective number of segments. This information is shown in a tooltip. This improvement adds words per document, characters per document as well as a grand total of segments, characters and words.

Management, Project Managers - WM-120

FIX Fix related to XLIFF min/max length limits not read out.

When enabling the option to read <mrk> segmentation boundaries from an XLIFF file, the system no longer read XLIFF min/max length limits from the file. This problem has been fixed.

File Formats, Project Managers - WM-231

FIX Fix regarding wrong fonts display in Word documents translated to Thai.

Word documents translated to Thai did not have the correct fonts even if Asian fonts where specified in the configuration. This has been fixed and now fonts defined in the Word configuration (for Asian language) are applied to the generated Word document and Thai language is displayed correctly.

Word document translated to Thai doesn't have the correct font (even if asian font specify in the configuratin)

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-230

FIX Fix regarding top menu display in German and French

The top menu was not properly displayed in German and French. This has now been fixed.

Core, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers, Leads - WM-228

FIX Fix regarding Business Reports #105 and #106: In rare cases the report failed to build.

A glitch with reports #105 and #106 prevented them from being created in some cases. This problem has now been fixed. The most recently added business report, presents project profit and loss per document, task and language. To access the business reports hover over "My company" and click "Reports".

Reports, Project Managers - WM-225






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