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Releases 2017-02

This page shows items released in 2017-02.

Friday, February 24, 2017

NEW New languages added - Shona, French (Togo)

Two more languages has been added. Wordbee now supports Shona, French (Togo). The code for these languages are sn, fr-TG.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-302

NEW New language added - Spanish (International)

One more language has been added. Wordbee now supports Spanish (International). The code for this language is es-001.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-300

NEW Synchronize order and project deadline.

This development adds two new business rules that allow synchronization of project and order deadline.
Rule 1: Extend order deadline when project deadline is extended
Rule 2: Extend project deadline when order deadline is extended
By enabling both rules, project and order deadline are fully and constantly synchronized.

Management, Project Managers - WM-293

IMPROVED Supplier selector popup: Change supplier capacity on the fly

In the popup you can request an estimated end date which is calculated from the supplier capacity (e.g. 2000 words per day). When you view the estimate you can now directly edit the capacity stored with the supplier service. This allows to rapidly "fine tune" capacities to obtain more accurate deadline estimations.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-298

FIX Fix editor issue : Automatically copy top translation memory hit to editor

When focusing on a segment, top translation memory hit was not copy/paste to editor

Editor, Translators - WM-301

FIX Fix segment edition issue in multicolumn editor with firefox

When using multicolumn editor with firefox there was an issue if the translator used the delete or backspace key.

Editor, Translators - WM-299

FIX Custom Tags not fetched well in Excel and Word new import feature

Import feature of a word or an excel lead to a crash when the configuration has no custom tags.

Editor, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-297

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NEW New business rule to adjust automatically calculated deadlines to My Company work days and times

A new option was added to "Settings" - "Work processes". The rule adjusts deadlines estimated from the supplier selector popup to always match your work days and times. For example, if the deadline for a US translator is calculated as 11pm CET but you are located in Paris, then the deadline is extended to 9am CET (if 9am is configured as your work day start).

Job Management, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-296

NEW Supplier selector poup: New feature to instantly estimate work delays and cost

Assigning suppliers or supplier groups to jobs is done in Wordbee with the "Supplier selection" popup. This popup now integrates automatic delay and cost calculations:
* A new button with each supplier to estimate work delay and cost.
* Group can be expanded to show all suppliers and to estimate delays/cost.
* Estimation considers word count, supplier capacity, supplier work times and days as defined in the "Planning" pages (calendar).
* Delays are shortened with pretranslations or fuzzy matches

Job Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-282

IMPROVED Preserve terms highlighted when specific term is selected

In th editor, the terms found in the translation memory are highlighted.
When you select a specific term in the source text, the others terms are preserver highlighted.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-294

IMPROVED Global search - Remove representative characters for white spaces

The results of global search hide representative characters for white spaces.

GlobalSearch, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-290

FIX FIX : Enable HTML embedded in XML itself embedded in JSON

Now the a JSON configuration may embed XML which itself embeds HTML content.

File Formats, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-295

FIX Default Custom Report S17 taking Job's creation date rather than completion date

The report is filtering by the job's creation date, rather than the completion date. Results aren't correct.

Reports, Project Managers, Administrators, Leads - WM-291

FIX Message popup security review

In few cases the users cannot open the message popup because the security level has been to high.

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-289

FIX Custom Tags not working in Excel and Word new import feature

Custom tags aren't recognized in the import for Excel and Word documents. The tags need to match the segment's tag, we cannot add a custom tag in the imported document.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-288

Friday, February 10, 2017

NEW Add more languages to Google MT

Google MT accept only two chinese locales variante : zh-CN and zh-TW.
Wordbee match differents locales for Google MT like:
- zh-CHS: zh
- zh-CN: zh
- zh-SG: zh
- zh-Hans: zh
- zh-CHT: zh-TW
- zh-Hant: zh-TW
- zh-HK: zh-TW
- zh-MO: zh-TW

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-287

NEW Correct disk usage is now visible

The storage usage counter in the "License & Usage" tab is now refreshed regulary

Core, Administrators - WM-86

FIX Report S108 (Languages - Profit and Loss Analysis): First pivot table wrongly showed client cost in original currency

The client cost shown in the first report sheet (Overview) showed the client cost in the original currency instead of the cost converted to the platform's default currency. This has been fixed.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-286

FIX API - Authorize the configuration source "all languages" for "Client portal" during call api

When the "order form" configuration is set with all language the API accept now really all languages.

API, Administrators - WM-284

FIX Fix New order form : Impossible send file without content

The system accept now file without parsable content.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-283

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NEW New languages added - Czech (Slovak Republic), Vietnamese (United States), Albanian (Montenegro)

Wordbee now supports Czech (Slovak Republic), Vietnamese (United States), Albanian (Montenegro). The respective codes for these new languages are cs-SK, vi-US, sq-ME.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-280

NEW New placeholder for "Client name" to report S410

The new placeholder #Lines.ClientCompany is available in the report S410 for extract the client company name.

Reports, Administrators - WM-279

NEW Add custom columns for clients view

Allow the user to customize the columns displayed in clients view.

Management, Project Managers - WM-277

NEW Add custom columns to suppliers view

Allow the user to customize the columns displayed in suppliers view.

Management, Project Managers - WM-275

NEW Document formats: When adding or editing file formats, use the new "Load a preset" link to choose from useful filter presets.

When you add or edit a document format (file filter) you will see a new "Load preset" link in the top right of the page. Click the link to choose from a couple of system presets for your configuration. This link also lets you restore the system default configuration.

File Formats, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-276

NEW New plain text filter added: Translate text files with wide range of new features

The filter to translate text files has been entirely rebuilt. It proposes:
- Extract texts using regular expressions
- Flag extraced strings as HTML
- Optionally define regions to exclude from translation: comment blocks, headers, footers, untranslatable strings
- Optionally define regions to be considered for translation. For example define a regex that captures the main body of the file.
- Exclude extracted strings based on their content using regex
- Obfuscate (protect) words or terms and show as markup in the editor
- Define minimum and maximum translation lengths (fixed size or percentage of source text)

File Formats, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-187

FIX Fix new planning page for Internet Explorer

The new planning page was empty on Internet Explorer.

Administration, Administrators - WM-278

FIX Set cost button doesn't apply correct discount mode

If we make changes between 2 types of costs of one supplier assigned to the task, the system doesn't apply the right costs configured inside the supplier.
The system doesn't apply the custom discounts configured in the supplier.
This is nowx fix.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-261

FIX Fix user interface issues in globalSearch (overlapping text, icon not working...)

In global search :
Fix Overlapping text (in option panel),
Fix icons visible in result even if user sas no right for this option,
Fix information icon not working for some user

GlobalSearch, Translators, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-267

FIX Job cancelled on WBT are not cancelled in Beebox pass-through project

We fixed an issue that prevented the Beebox to consider a file as cancelled in pass-through projects when all the tasks of the Wordbee job are cancelled.

Beebox - WM-274

Thursday, February 2, 2017

NEW New business report: Calendar style view of suppliers' worked and non.worked days

Managers or suppliers can set weekly work days and times as well as any non-worked days such as public holidays, private holidays or work exceptions. The new report no 530 prints all suppliers highlighting each worked and non-worked day. The report constitutes a valuable tool for short and long term planning purposes.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-269

NEW New business report: Calendar style view of suppliers' work days with language and task filtering

This report is similar to 530 but further adds languages and job types that each supplier provides. This allows to quickly find suppliers available on certain days and e.g. doing English to Spanish translations. The report constitutes another valuable tool for short and long term planning purposes.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-268

IMPROVED Add project information icon to all project views

The project view includes an information icon on the top right the displays information about the current project. This icon is now included in all views of the project.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-272





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