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Releases 2017-04

Upcoming release:

  • List of managers is now always displayed for new projects


This page shows items released so far this month.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

NEW New administrative business report S600: Report on Instant Translation usage.

This new report compiles Instant Translation (MT Hive) usage. It is similar to the existing report available from "Settings" > "License & Usage" > "MT Hive". However since it is now part of the reporting tools it can be freely customized in terms of content and look.

Reports, Administrators - WM-372

NEW Report S410: New placeholders containing the fuzzy match counts

Placeholders for fuzzy matching word count and character count have been added to report S410. These can be found to the relative confluence page.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-370

IMPROVED Send notifications when automatically synchronizing order with project status.

When the order status was set to 'Done' after a project's status was set to 'Completed' and having the relevant rule enabled, a notification was not sent. This is now working as intended

Core, Project Managers - WM-380

FIX Fix an issue that was preventing crowd notifications to be sent out for jobs

When status of a project is changed to 'In Progress' or 'Cancelled' and the relevant rule is enabled to synchronize job status, crowd notifications were not sent. The notifications should now be sent as expected.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-379

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NEW Wordbee System API documentation now accessible online

The Wordbee API documentation is now available online at:
The online documentation replaces the previous PDF format.

API, Administrators - WM-378

Monday, April 24, 2017

NEW New access rights for supplier and client custom fields

Two new access rights that allow to enable/disable access to supplier and client custom fields have been added.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-318

NEW New access rights to control access to disabled suppliers

A new access right 'Can access' disabled supplier companies' has been added.

Management, Project Managers - WM-319

IMPROVED Archived project editing disabled

Archived projects now correctly do not allow changes to some aspects of the project that were previously accessible.

Management, Administrators - WM-330

FIX Update The API Key information popup for Machine translation system settings

On the Machine translation system settings, for Google, we update the API key information popup with the new Wordbee's IPs

Administration, Administrators - WM-377

FIX Improve the PowerPoint parser, which sometimes did not display all charts content.

When parsing powerPoint documents, some text box or drawing inside charts wasn't correctly displayed in the reconstruct document.

Editor, Management, Project Managers - WM-371

FIX Invoice aggregation limit has been lifted

The limit of 2.100 invoices while aggregating has been lifted.

Invoicing, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-360

FIX XML parser configuration : options Trim CDATA and Trim markup wrongly linked for monolingual configuration

In the Xml parser configuration, in the "whitespaces & symbols" tab, the checkBoxes for the markup options was wrongly linked in the case of monolingual file

Management, Project Managers, Freelancers - WM-368

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NEW Person and company pages now let you add notes and annotation.

A new feature is available where users can add notes on companies and people.

Management, Project Managers - WM-194

IMPROVED Services of inherited price list: Absolute discount value amounts are now adjusted like the unitary amount

Wordbee allows to create supplier price lists that inherit services from the default price list. You can specify a positive or negative percentage on prices and also set a different currency and conversion rate. The unitary amounts in the new price list are adjusted accordingly. The present development now also adjust any absolute discounts that are defined in a service (remember that discounts for fuzzy matches and pre-translations can be either specified as percentages in a price list or in absolute amounts individually by service).

Price Management, Project Managers - WM-366

IMPROVED API methods to get companies and users information now supports the labels

The following methods, now let you see the labels properties :
companies?token={tokenid} (GET)
companies/{companyid}/persons?token={tokenid} (GET)

API, Administrators - WM-363

FIX Fix : Issue in orders when combining "back-translation task" and "source-text task")

Fix an issue that occurs when a back-translation preset-workflow is chosen and a source-text task is added

Management, Project Managers - WM-367

FIX Deadline estimation for Codyt document not always considering platform work times

When marking a document for online translation, the deadline estimation disregarded the work times and weekend settings of "My Company". This has been amended. The change also affects deadline estimations done for Instant Translation post edit requests and Beebox translation requests.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-365

FIX Fix comment icon in editor's segments

Comment icon was sometimes active while there was no comment to display

Editor, Translators - WM-364

FIX Fix: Preview of email notifications with sample data

In the settings for email notifications, the preview now also work for invoices, global search and comment notification.

Editor, Management, Project Managers - WM-362

FIX Fix: In some cases, the public order form wrongly directed users to the login page

An issue was preventing in some cases the public order form to show up and was redirecting the user to the login page. This issue has been fixed.

Core, Project Managers - WM-359

FIX Advanced QA check: Sometimes the QA popup was blank

Fixed the issue where the advanced QA check render an empty popup.

Editor, Translators - WM-361

Friday, April 7, 2017

FIX Fix: Supplier deadline estimation in standard projects

Pressing the "Sigma" button in the supplier selector estimates the deadline and workload for the job for the chosen supplier. The estimation did not calculate a deadline. This has been corrected.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-358

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NEW New languages added - Swahili (Uganda), English (Bangladesh), English (Kenya), English (Sri Lanka), English (Uganda)

Wordbee now supports Swahili (Uganda), English (Bangladesh), English (Kenya), English (Sri Lanka), English (Uganda). The respective codes for these new languages are sw-UG, en-BD, en-KE, en-LK, en-UG.

Core, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-356

NEW Wordbee Translator is extended to permit fully customized order forms

The order form could always be highly customized to meet most requirements, from form fields to workflow creation. Occasionally, Wordbee clients have requirements that are too specific and cannot be covered out of the box: From functionality to design.
We have extended Wordbee so that we can now custom-build any special order forms for our clients.

Client Orders, Administrators - WM-333

IMPROVED New parameter on API call (PUT)projects/{projectid}/documents/codytdocument2

Before, when the "parserconfig" parameter was empty, the system was filling it with "Default". We now added the new parameter "useDocumentProfile". If this parameter is true and the "parserconfig" parameter empty, then the system will use the project default document format profile instead of "Default".

API, Administrators - WM-357

IMPROVED Improvement of data import worker template

Now the template is generated dynamically, including the list of user profiles and custom user profiles.

Administration, Administrators - WM-351

IMPROVED Reports: Columns that show delays now print a minus sign if a delay is negative

Some reports show the difference between dates. For example, report S300 shows the difference between order completion and deadline. Currently whether the deadline was before or after completion the printed delay is positive. With this development, a negative delay is not printed with a "-" sign (as it should be).

Reports, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-350

FIX Fix the width of user preference popup in the editor

Fix the width in order to show all the informations and buttons in the popup

Editor, Translators - WM-355

FIX Translation editor: When a user configures special characters, the list may get restored to the default list of characters

When the special characters popup is opened in the translation editor, the list may show the system default characters in case loading a customized list fails. With this fix, the system will now show an error message with the instruction to refresh the page to retry loading.

Editor, Translators - WM-354

FIX InDesign filter: Some texts may not get extracted for translation in certain files

We were informed that in a rare case, the IDML text filter may not extract certain strings for translation. This problem has been corrected.

File Formats, Project Managers - WM-353

FIX Fix of reports S300, S301 and S302 when using multiple orders and invoices in a single project

With projects containing multiple orders each with multiple invoices, the report did not correctly align orders with their invoices. The problem has been fixed.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-352

FIX Fix: When opening an existing order the target language(s) are always displayed in English

Target language(s) are now localized in the order view.

Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-348

FIX Fix: Project Custom field in Codyt job notifications

In Codyt job notification, project custom field placeholder wasn't display, this is now fixed

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-349

FIX Fix IE11 User interface issue in the popup for managing documents, jobs, status

In IE11 the popup wasn't display correctly. This is now fixed.

Job Management, Management, Translators, Project Managers - WM-347





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