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Releases 2019-07

This page shows items released in 2019-07.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

NEW OCR image to text problem for clients on Azure

OCR problem for clients on Azure now has been fixed. and can use Google or Microsoft OCR feature in the document section

OCR, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-2832

FIX Webhooks on Azure

Fixed issue where clients on Azure when using webhooks gives Internal server error, now clients on Azure can use webhooks

API, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-2821

FIX [Editor] Fix an interface crash in a rare situation when exploring the TM contents

We have fixed a rare situation that could lead to problems when navigating through pages in a Translation Memory when a specific hit came from a document that was deleted.

Editor, Administrators - WM-2889

Thursday, July 25, 2019

FIX Sort feature doesn't work for resources

Using the sort in resources doesn't work, always using the default sort for resources
Using the sort in resources doesn't work, always using the default sort for resources

Resources, Translators, Project Managers - WM-2834

FIX [Word count] Issue when segments are pretranslated in Beebox

There was an issue in some specific cases, if a segment was pretranslated in Beebox, it would be counted as "no match" instead of "pretranslation"

WordCount, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-2872

FIX [Editor] Fix rare situation where AutoPropagation could erase translations

We have fixed a very rare situation where autopropagation could erase some translations when the source segment contained only tags and specific control characters. This behavior has been fixed.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators, Freelancers, Leads - WM-2870

FIX Settings - Adobe InDesign profile can not be changed

We have fixed an issue preventing any changes on our indesign file parser configurations.
To learn more about file parser configurations, see:

Administration, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-2782

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

NEW [Access rights] Users optionally allowed to see approved invoices only

New access right to allow client and supplier users to see approved invoices only.
Note this access right is also depending in the visibility of costs set at company level.

Invoicing, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-2491

IMPROVED MT for Microsoft new locale

Machine Translation Microsoft adding new locale Croatian(hr)

Machine Translation, Translators, Project Managers - WM-2798

FIX Characters not counted in segments with source copied to target

Bug fixe - When a translator use the feature "Copy source to target", the characters counter is now correctly updated

Editor, Translators - WM-2831

FIX Time stamp of last modification considers wrong time zone

Fix an error on the timezone calculation. Now the displayed date in the editor and the terminology management are rightly displayed

Terminology, Translators - WM-2855

FIX QA check - "Translations - First letter" doesn't fail anymore with emojis

We have fixed an issue with the "Translations - First Letter" QA rule which would crash if the first letter of the segment was an emoji

QA, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-2769

FIX Word count issue with XLIFF files

There was an issue when importing translations from an XLIFF file, where the translations where not counted as pretranslation

WordCount, Project Managers - WM-2843

Thursday, July 18, 2019

NEW [Order/Project status] Synchronize order and project status

[Order/Project status] Synchronize order and

-project statusUpdating the "project" status to "in progress", also changes the order status to the same value, making it possible to notify the client.

-The status update (timestamp and user) is to be logged in the dedicated history field of both (order messages and project status)

Client Orders, Project Management, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-2493

FIX Client cannot see order cost in orders

In some specific cases the client of an order could not see the cost and had instead "Multiple calculations available"

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-2850

FIX Word Count New File Version

New Version of the same File is to get the trasnlated parts -if any - from the Project memory in accordance with the word count profile. setting

WordCount, Translators, Project Managers - WM-2705

FIX Issue with the cost format

Costs in job details now rounds up depending on price list round totals and its customized from the supplier's profile

Costing, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-2804

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

IMPROVED Change the field name from "Label/Domain" to "Context/Key" in the import terminology database popup.

Field name "Label/Domain" in the import terminology database popup when choosing excel as an import option.

because it is causing confusion to customers and make them think they can import segment labels.

FYI, Importing segment labels is not supported yet.

Terminology, Translators, Project Managers, Clients - WM-2736

Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEW Vendor exception days off - Added a new option called: Setting off days/times per language

Added a new option called: Setting off days/times per language. When one of the languages is off any amount of time, the entire company is considered closed for the day. We also added the possibility to comment days-off. Comments are visible from the calendar view of the supplier and in the Suppliers list.

Calendar, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-2250

IMPROVED [Editor] Performance improvements when focusing a cell

We have started the first step of many to improve the general performance in the translation editor. The first one aims to improve the responsiveness when focusing a cell, especially when the timeline is not displayed.
More performance improvements are on the way.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators, Freelancers, Leads - WM-2803

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

IMPROVED Adding new locales

Adding new locales

1- "ko-us": Korean for the United States of America.

2- "zh-US": Traditional Chinese for the United States of America.

Languages, Translators, Project Managers - WM-2658

FIX Apostrophe in Document Name Of Standard Project

Fix the issue of having an apostrophe in a document name will prohibit it from being marked for online translation.

Project Management, Translators, Project Managers, Clients - WM-2764

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

IMPROVED Adding a new language to wordbee

A new language has been added to wordbee.
Yiddish (United States) (yi-US) .
It should appear to users to select in the source and destination languages.

Languages, Translators, Project Managers, Clients - WM-2725

FIX [Editor] The switch to toggle the source edit is now initialized with the correct value

There was a problem with the switch that toggles the ability to edit the source text in the editor. This has been fixed, and will now be initialized with the correct value.

Editor, Translators - WM-2777





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